Recently self-proclaiming ourselves future fresh fans of burgeoning electronic pop duo Reyna, after the twosome peeped up on our new music radar with their effervescing debut “Spill Your Colors”.

Inwards comes a swift return and continued build of momentum for the Banuelos sisters as they deploy another synth projected diddy out of their pop gun by way of the deftly served follow-up “Ink On My Skin”.

Leading us more into the indie stroked soundscape, Reyna’s dream spun vocal’s transcend above the propulsive electronic weight with a slightest hint of bubblegum pastel panache, popping like delicious candy from Victoriah and Gabriela’s sugary dusted mouth-pieces.

If it weren’t enough that the girls are showing us how on-point of it they are in painting popfectious melody with their vox. They are greatly all the more intent and rightly so, in showing us that Reyna are all woman though, and this comes plain sailing through with the lyrical content which is geared towards the sassy and playful.

Ever since the early 80’s when Cyndi Lauper struck out boldly with girl power anthem “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun“, liberated female pop has just mushroomed in popularity and those that go down this route have a legacy of standout acts on their side that have championed the girl pop arena with both fortitude and tenacity. Signs all of which Reyna are already showing with glowing affirmation, with what we are intuitively recognizing to be their sassy chick, girl empowered identity.

Its early days for Reyna, yet, throw either of the tracks to mainstream radio and these two should begin to reap the effects of where accessible pop can take them.