Picture Book

By Mandy Rogers

I L.O.V.E. Picture Book, I really do. The son’s of August
(Kid Creole) debuted an absolutely stunning introductory EP “At Last
at the beginning of the year that shone out volumes to me especially with stand
out track “Sunshine”, Infact, I was so bold to name it the first real anthem of
the year, (I think it was the first week or so of January so it probably was!)

The duo, have been busy all summer long involved with
entertaining the crowds at Olympic Torch Relay events up and down the length
and breadth of the UK, so a good few hundreds of thousands of sporty folks have
had their summer filled with the anthem house sizzle of Picture Book and had a
good time to boot.

Well if “Sunshine” was the first anthem of the summer, I
have no hesitation in placing lead track “In My Head” from their forthcoming
new EP release “Songs About Aimee” as the first anthem of late summer.

In My Head” has a more relaxed feel to it, yet it is still
vivacious with a penetrable bass line, enormous hook and certain to go down a
storm on the club circuits, it was co-written and produced with house legend
Tony Senghore.

Believe it or not this total amazingness is also being
offered as a FREE Download, so go click it up from the soundcloud below.

Picture Book, are all rainbow colours of favourite in my