As I was carrying out my usual rounds of checking other music sites I stumbled upon an article from Aussievision concerning the former Junior Eurovision star Bobi Andonov. Therefore, I would first ask if you will cast your mind back to 2018. The blogosphere was singing the praises of the up-and-coming Australian alt-pop artist Bobi Andonov. Despite the initial buzz, the hype around Bobi seemed to have died down somewhat quickly. However, I recently discovered that he’s been gaining some serious momentum this year, culminating in the release of his debut EP “In Bad Company” last week. It’s crazy to think I was oblivious to his journey all this time. Nonetheless, I am immediately excited upon listening to the music.

Therefore, having spent some time this week with “In Bad Company.” I noted it’s somewhat a concept EP that delves into the complexities of desire and the consequences arising from the choices we make. For this reason, the music is appropriately dark and alluring, and Bobi’s vocals are nothing short of soul-stirring and powerful. It’s an introspective journey that sheds light on the inner conflicts everyone faces from time to time.

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It’s quite a challenge to pick just one standout track from Bobi’s collection of six songs. Since each song has its own unique charm and appeal. However, what really ties them all together is Bobi’s incredible vocal talent and masterful unique voice. His brand of intelligent pop is truly something special. Brimming with clever arrangements and lyrics that are both thought-provoking and honest. Not least, I’m blown away by his powerful voice.

Although obviously, it would be remiss of me not to single out “Guilty,” the latest emotively charged focus track. Every note and word seems to be infused with Bobi’s heart and soul. Thus listening to his soaring pop vocals might inspire you do some introspection of your own. Those looking for more of an electro-pop vibe. In this instance, “Pretty Pills” is my go-to recommendation.

Although I have no official news, my instincts say some press person should probably be pushing Bobi Andonov’s album to the UK market. “In Bad Company” is the brand of deliciously dark pop we eat up, over here.

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