Zorro Blakk

You might not be so hugely aware of electro-pop artist Zorro Blakk or the fact that his debut album of last year “The Fairytale Of Zorro Blakk” was an electronic strengthened shiny consummate effort throughout.

If anything it might be more the case that you’ll be knowing something of Zorro Blakk better when we break the code of the vengeance seeking outlaw pseudonym to reveal that the artist behind this super hero inspired alter-ego is Daniel Volpe a songwriter who has previously penned tracks for Osvaldo Supino and Kaden, which was reinforced in our feature of Zorro Blakk’s synth suited pop ballad “Fireworks” of last year.

Today, we have been informed of new material and a new album “The Golden Years” which if it is anything so much like its radiant predecessor it will be one that is literally gleaming with premium synth-pop from start to finish.

The word is out on this new album project via the issue of the cosmically pulsating new single “Imagine The Future”, which whilst, observing the consistent nature that Zorro Blakk brings to all of his works, is a piece which beams down a touch on the safer side with its electro-pop orientation.

Nonetheless “Imagine The Future” plays into a pleasantly evocative futuristic froth of understated splendour as further recognised by the chosen use of accompanying whimsical film clip of Brent Bonacorso’s dream state sought narrative production “West Of The Moon”.

All told, this subtlety placed track also carries with it an expectant glimmer of poppier things to come.