The Knocks

Photo: by Robert Verbarg

So just when we thought we might be headed into a run of Matthew’s Koma debut album material, (after the release of summer single “So Fuckin’ Romantic”) he pop’s up once again in the role of vocal assist for yet another production sought collective. That of NYC, Lower East Siders, The Knocks.

But then Matthew isn’t the only one prepping the release of a debut album, as The Knocks too are gearing up to drop their debut longer player “55” pretty soonish as well.

We agree, it feels rather a long time that each of these debut albums have been in the making, but all seems on course now to realise the release of these two full albums of electro-plated pop recordings.

In going forward into the bigger picture, The Knocks invite Matthew Koma onside on their late summer jam “I Wish” (My Taylor Swift). Whereupon, we find Matthew’s genre accessible vocals presiding over a riff bubbling, pointers funky groove, comprised of string guitar licks atop an electronic arranged underbelly of The Knocks signature halcyonic dreamy beats.

Turns out, that “I Wish” is the cut of a playful pop song, serving out lyrics with regard to finding the ideal woman. Happens that the name check goes out to a certain modern age pop superstar Taylor Swift as being the ultimate suitor, or someone very much like her.

Topical. Easy on the ear. And carved out with a witty lyrical approach which has no trouble hooking itself into the memory banks of the brain. Probably won’t be too long before the men on average street will be heard adopting this song, in a cheery hum on their way to work. Let’s face it ladies, a chorus of this would sure beat off the cheesy stigma that a wolf-whistle brings about.