It feels great to blog about CATTY (Catrin Hopkins) again, her latest track, “I Dated A Monster,” released today. As a fan of her work since her days with the duo Dusky Grey, it’s incredible to see her scale up on the pop sound once again. CATTY’s talent as a lyricist and performer is undeniable, and these past few years, she has certainly carved out her niche as a solo artist in the pop/rock arena. The fact that the new track samples the guitar riff from The Automatic‘s cult classic “Monster” adds an extra layer of nostalgia and familiarity to the song, making it even more enjoyable to listen to. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with this new release.

In fact, “I Dated A Monster” is probably the most anticipated release of the year. Everyone in my social media network (made-up of mutual friends and music artists) is talking about it. Furthermore, the teaser clips have already generated a lot of buzz. This alt, power-pop banger will unquestionably blow your mind with its incendiary musicality that perfectly blends pop sensibility with rock-style vocals. The track’s vibe is very reminiscent of Miley Cyrus‘ current style, and it’s clear that this song has what it takes to be a chart-topper.

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Valentine’s Day may have passed. Yet the new music releases which look at the many aspects of love continue to impress. “I Dated A Monster” by CATTY is a powerful departure from typical love songs. The lyrics describe CATTY’s journey of realizing that she was in a toxic relationship. She was initially unaware of the situation. But eventually awakened to her partner’s true nature just in time. The clever use of the “Monster” sample in the song makes it incredibly catchy and unforgettable. This song is a must-listen for anyone who has ever experienced a toxic relationship or wants to avoid one.

CATTY just opened up for Dylan‘s “Rebel Child Tour.” But after listening to “I Dated A Monster,” I am convinced she has what it takes to become a headliner in her own right. Her unique sound and style are sure to captivate audiences and leave them wanting more. I believe that CATTY has the potential to rise up like a superstar. I cannot wait to see where her music takes her. Let’s keep an eye on this rising star as she continues to pursue her dreams.

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