Misha Roof Top B&W (1)

By Jordan Meehan

Okay, as an American currently living in London I have to admit that I don't pay attention to the X Factor (in the UK or the US) or any singing competition show, so I don't know much about Misha B, so you'll all have to forgive me for that one. But! I've just heard her debut single Home Run and my goodness what a home run of a song it is!

Pop music often gets criticized for not having soul or feeling, an objection I completely agree with. That objection, however, is brushed aside with this new track. Misha B brings a whole hell of a lot of soul onto this track with her vocals and combined with the intense drum-and-bass style percussion and reggae flair, this track comes off as a irresistible slice of soulful dance pop. I'll be keeping Misha B on my radar in the coming months, and you should all be doing the same. Listen to Home Run here: