I am seriously in awe of what a phenomenon emerging artist Halsey has become in the time since I first wrote about her last year.

Now I shouldn’t be surprised at this at all, being that the songstress gave greatly the impression of being one to seriously watch, coupled by the fact that I’ve seen numerous heads-up pop up on my timelines with regard to gigs and performances. So yup Halsey really has been packaging it all in, including single and EP releases also.

To the point of now, there has been a stronghold on Halsey’s music presence being mostly covered on her home ground of the USA, but there is way too much international appeal through her alt-pop sculptured soundscapes and imbued brooding vocals that the eventual cross-over to infiltrate other countries music markets was inevitably never going to be too far off.

Of all the social media content that I read daily, I believe Halsey is currently making waves with picking up interest from Australia, outside of this and an extensive stateside tour that Halsey is set to embark upon in the coming months she is then scheduled a stop-over at London’s Camden Barfly in September.

Before Halsey arrives on the UK soil, she will be committed to promoting her just announced debut album “Badlands” and I’m actually praying right now that the pre-order link on it will open up as a worldwide release super soon! Given the fact that the press has just rolled in on the album’s allocated teaser / pre-order instant gratis track “Hold Me Down” and I more than love it’s esoterically gloomy demographic already!

When it comes to honest lyrics Halsey’s got it covered more authentically than most. There is a notable gritty bite within her narratives, but on the turn of the hand there is also something quite beguiling of her specific communique of realness that exposes Halsey’s artistry as being injected with a real pop heart behind its darkened glitter gauze.

I am now massively hoping that Halsey will indeed grow into a bigger pop concern the world over and that her one UK performance will be the instigator of much more UK attention thereafter.