By Mandy Rogers

It’s been documented (here and here) and I cannot hide the fact, that American / Brazilian duo Blondfire have slayed me with every turn out of their propulsive alternative bespoke electro pop, thus far.

The Driscoll siblings rock my indie-pop sphere in the exact same way that Dragonette do and I have to admit to thinking that Blondfire for all their characteristic dreamy pop ways do possess a similar crunch of creativity within their compositions.

From “Walking With Giants” and “Where The Kids Are” let’s take a look at the latest sound bite “Hide and Seek”, whereupon the rock steady combination of Erica’s otherworldly vocals teamed with Brother Bruce’s backing, strike up gold, in flawlessly flinging themselves around a thrash of clattering drums and twanging guitars bound together with languid pattering synths, producing an “out of the ball park” textured sound clash, that on paper probably doesn’t sound in anyway as super sonically indie-hot as it actually is. So either take my word on it, or do the business and listen in on it on the soundcloud link below.


As much as I NEED, Dragonettes new album like aready! my Indie-pop desires will not be fully justified until I scoop Blondfires as well. When that precise pop moment happens my whole world will shake with indie-pop pleasure until my ipod burns out.