She teased us with a retrotastic disco tinged number back in September and now burgeoning dance pop siren Bianca is set to top this with the issue of her dance poptastic debut EP “Hi-5”.

Formerly of disbanded girl band Parade, Bianca caused quite a buzz with previous early Madonna era reflective launch effort “Step It Up” which was co-penned with Ali Love, Anu Pillai and Eliza Doolittle and the impressive run of credits keep on rolling into this extended release.

Title track “Hi-5” has the illustrious company of being produced by the production duo The NexusJay Bauer-Mein and David Sneddon who have established themselves to be quite the hitmaking team, who are behind hits for Lana Del Rey, Will Young and Pixie Lott amongst others. Precisely to have names like this on board couldn’t be any better a fit for Bianca’s high grade maintained energised pop.

In going forward with an effervescent dance pop style, “Hi-5” is carried as much by the infectious 80’s centric melody as it is Bianca’s glowing vox. Isn’t it great also that what is essentially a break-up song can also be one that is turned about to become so empowering just by the energy it gives off and thoughtful narrative of the lyrics.

My thoughts are this, when “Hi-5” breaks the clubs Bianca is probably going to have a very busy summer ahead of her in pop-performance mode and the like. As “Hi-5” is a shiny spinning glitterball of disco-gem if ever we heard one, when it takes-off they’ll be no stopping it’s momentum.