Rosie And The Goldbug

An introduction to Cornish avant-garde electro-pop outfit Rosie And The Goldbug escaped me when they first impacted their ethereal indie pop tinged otherworldy pressings back in 2008.

Although, I have since learned that before going into a creative hiatus the following year the band went on European tour with Cyndi Lauper. Seems it may have been the case that Rosie And The Goldbug’s promising pop career came a little too fast back then, but things have altered enough now to pursue a resurrection of the band.

The inimitable personal growth of the former teen band members hasn’t in anyway diminished from the newly revived version, as they’ve all come back into alignment with the same frenetic spirit in evidence with which Rosie And The Goldbug were initially created.

In their return, the band take up the mantle of their headily concocted signature brand of darkly wispy vox from front woman and keyboardist Rosie Varnier who is often likened to Kate Bush, matched against the pulsing bursts of stabbing new-wave beached electronics.

What’s not to love about the new single “Hey You” when it is defined by plenty of the glam rock Stefani-esque spark about it!

Hey You! drop what you’re doing and listen to Rosie And The Goldbug instead, if you’re into new-ageish goth-wave inspired electronic pop and are in need to fill the temporary void that exists between the last Lovestarrs release and the next.