Jessica D

By Mandy Rogers

Bubbling up from the Eastern European side of the Continent, newcomer Jessica D is one dance diva in the making that has chosen to go outside of her native Romanian wall of sound to vie for our attention.

With her eyes set on catching her audience on a broader scale, Jessica charges inspiration from searing into her hot mix of dance ready beats, traditional South American rhythmic flavours on her debut release “Hero”. 

Aside from ticking the boxes as a club goers pleaser, we haven’t heard such a good use of Pandean pipes in dance pop since Shakira’sWhenever Wherever”. We suspect by the look of the toned physic, as laid out before us above, that Jessica’s hip’s wouldn’t dare to be lying to us, as they are giving off hints that they’d be just as flexibly greased to pop out a little Shakira style belly dance to seal this club banger off.