Listen to “Heartbreaker” by Gabriel Gassi

Once again Sweden lives up to its reputation of being a hot-bed of pop talent by sharing to the world another emerging artist with more pizazz in his pinkie finger than your average pop tart.

Newcomer Gabriel Gassi is bringing on the excite with an animatedly bold and bright sound which is full to the brim with plenty of verve and confidence.

After starting out, by dropping some nifty remix work for the likes of Vanbot. Gabriel has moved over into the pop arena proper to harness his skills and flex even more of his artistic abilities. Coming through now with “Heartbreaker”. A resourcefully bouncy, dance pop number that might just be poised to find its way into your summer playlists, if you give it half a chance to work it’s sunny infectious hooks and vibes into your lives.

Gabriel already has one viral hit under his belt by way of his debut effort “Street Phone” by the time summer arrives, he might well have another in the form of “Heartbreaker”.