Coury Palermo

By Mandy Rogers

Have we ever known a time that Coury Palermo hasn’t been able to floor us with his flawlessness? I don’t think that we have!

The pop crooner of exquisiteness is currently burrowed down in his studio brewing up new material that will hopefully see the light of day very soon.

Did I hear a chorus of  “Le sigh” from the EQ readers at the impending wait? Well we can’t wait hear it also, but we also have good news.  Bridging the gap between the impending wait of new material, Coury has re-worked an older favourite “Headline”.

Teaming up with Berklee College Alumni and producer Jonathan SorgeHeadline” turns from acoustically lead wonder into an atmospheric wonderland of dreaminess with the softest touches of bass wobble lending an extra layer of sublime. Did we think that not possible?! Give it a listen and find out and download it for FREE

Really too, too gorgeous for words.