To tell the truth I’ve not quite erased the memory of Måns Zelmerlöw wheeling about the stage for a performance of “Fire In The Rain” at last years Eurovision and of course that highly entertaining interval intermission piece that gave to the world, Love Love Peace Peace.

As we are reminded that this years Eurovision Song Competition is within touching distance of hitting our TV screens, let us take another look at the artist who has featured mostly heavily in it over the past two years, this being Måns Zelmerlöw. Who by no sheer stroke of luck just so happens to have a new album out called “Chameleon” and a new single from it “Hanging On To Nothing”.

Word is this record was recorded at Peter Gabriel’s studios in the South West of England and I just think recording in such an illustrious environment belonging to a pioneering, pop ground breaker such as the revered Mr Gabriel, they’d be so much inspiration seeping from those studio walls alone.

So then at this, I’m slightly amazed, but not disappointed at how hugely pop “Hanging On To Nothing” is. If I can be truthful of it, this sounds really like something that wouldn’t feel out of place on Olly Murs pop stomping album “24 hrs” of last year. It’s in the style of singing and definitely in the irrepressible flow of the catchy, infectious, upbeat melody.

With that all being said, this could all the more score Måns a hit on these UK shores. Totally Måns is bringing his current tour all over Europe and that extends to a nice headline gig lined up at the Islington Academy in London.