How are we feeling about the new Laura Mvula track “Got Me“? Being honest about it. It’s great! And so POP! Completely deserved the honour of being premiered with Annie Mac as Hottest Record in the World. Speaking with the DJ, Laura revealed she was “low-key terrified” about releasing the track, with it not being her typical style of healing and uplifting music for which she has become renowned. Citing “Got Me” as, just a fun song about a boy. Maybe she wasn’t expecting the good reception this track is now receiving. I do know that anyone who hasn’t been totally switched on to Laura Mvula before (myself included in this) suddenly got quite a wake-up call.

Got Me,” lines up with “Safe Passage” and “Church Girl” as the lead in singles for Laura’s third album “Pink Noise.” (Due for release 2nd July 2021). Although the previous singles have touched upon it in varying degrees, she went big with the 80s aesthetic for “Got Me“. People were quick to pick up the Whitney music stylizing found on “Church Girl.” The current single, exhibits the same kind of bopability that made a beloved classic hit out of the Billy Ocean 1985 track “When The Going Gets Tough.” Yes, really does smack of similarity.

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About the upcoming album “Pink Noise,” Laura comments,

“In my adult years, I had forgotten how important dance was to me as a vital tool of my creative expression. I brought it back, just for me, so I could find my delight in dance again. And now I can’t stop dancing. I can’t wait to play this album live.”

The bubbling bass line of the track alone is enough to get feet moving. She wanted to layer up with even more danceability for this one and thus, brought in the whole of the trumpet and horn section. Bonafide ones, not synth emulated clones you’ll find holding up the self-titled debut album from Go West. The results speak themselves. Armed with funky “Got Me” Laura Mvula is coming for the naysayers. Nothing and no one will hold her down.

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