Girl Friend

I can’t help myself in writing about synth pop outfit Girl Friend some more, because I am just damn smitten by their suave indie-pop beats meets glistening pop noir, electro style.

I have to admit to the extent that I have actually developed a real crush on Amory’s vocals, they are just so dreamily intoxicating *Le Sigh*

Coupled by the fact, that there isn’t a dud note to be coming from these guys, they’ve really been stomping out some b-rilliant synth-pop to my mind, a whole EP brimming with it infact. There really is no stopping Girl Friend as they are now swiftly following up with yet another new track.

Switching the euphoric momentum up a pace, the Manchester band bid us a disco glamorous “Good Morning”, filling the air with their signature polished, driving electronics and a froth of uplifting pop welcoming in the day after the disco party night before.

Groomed with an opulence which exhibits a certain amount of razzamatzz, Girl Friend remain as cool-headed as ever, as they continue to romp their way ahead of the indie-pop pack with their unique cosmopolitan dynamic of decadently piqued retro vintage allure.

There is something so opportunely agreeable about Girl Friend’s nostalgia fueled music which see’s it fit like a glove into the here and now with genuine ease. And whatever it is that the band have seen to tap into in the retro sense they must continue to do so, because all of what I hear from them is working like a gloriously compelling jukebox of retro permeated hedonistic glitz.