TheBrocksDo you know that feeling where a song begins to play and for that one special moment, you forget all the problems you have in the world? For that little amount of time, you’re taken into a special place where all your stress is gone and it’s just you and the dance floor. Then, when the song stops… the stress can return. That is what we call the power of pop music. For Provo, Utah (there are a lot of great bands coming out of Provo!) based band The Brocks, their latest single produced by international superstar DJ/producer Kaskade is proving one thing and one thing only. The Brocks are ‘Going Nowhere.’

When ‘Going Nowhere’ fires up in your ear drums, you’re going to be instantly kissed by classic synths that pulsate from your head to your toes. It’s a track that is begging you to start the party! Yet, don’t allow that clearly 80s inspired melody fool you. This song carries quite a deeper meaning beyond its sinfully beautiful beat. In the same vein as Neon Neon and Miike Snow, the emotions are masked behind melodies.  ‘Going Nowhere’ is a song that carries a lyrical anxiety of a possible separation between lovers. You hear lead singer Dane Brock continually repeat the lines “I won’t let you break my heart” and “Don’t leave me now” in the chorus. It’s like The Brocks are trying to portray through song that on the outside that things look well, but not everything as good as it seems. It’s very emotionally twisted.

Though, don’t let that harsh lyrical content stop you. If you’re a fan of Miike Snow, M83, Empire of The Sun or Neon Neon. Check out The Brocks. Because with songs like this, they’ll be ‘Going Nowhere’ but the top!