Belgrave 1

From what I hear of it, I think we better get used to the lush smokey tones of Laurie Belgrave reaching out to us, as Belgrave’s debut EP “Echoes” is shaping up in a more than satisfyingly immersive direction.

As if floating in a mist of rolling introspection Belgrave directs his narratives at settling scores, growing through life experiences and ultimately moving on, enriched by all that has come into play.

Although there is a somewhat a sense of an inner battle theme surfacing through Belgrave’s debut efforts they are nothing but open, honest and genuinely connectable to a wider audience.

As with the EP’s introductory track “Dancing In The Silence”, latest reveal “Giving Up My Echoes” comes through as part collaboration with Liam Howe with the additional assistance of Hannah Yadi as co-writer.

There is much to be said for Belgrave’s transition to that of a solo artist from that of his prior career capabilities would probably not have been upfront to light of capturing such soul-stirring emotion in the circumstance that the set-up of an indie band might dictate.

As we learn more of Laurie Belgrave through the release of this EP, it’s very much as if we are slowly peeling away at the enigmatic presence in a much deeper sense of who the real Belgrave is.

All I know right now is that Belgrave exhibits some outstanding qualities here, in his singing, songwriting and impassioned grasp of delivery that quite clearly could ensure a successful future ahead.