Adam Lambert

It’s like the Glambert faithful and the whole world of pop have been waiting on the arrival of new material from Mr glam himself Adam Lambert.

Whilst, we’ve seen Adam step up front of house with the vocalist duties for rock/pop icons Queen, its new pop turns from the charismatic performer that we’ve been the most hungriest to recieve.

Each and every little snippet of info and tease that we’ve been tantalised with over the past few weeks has now culminated in the full track reveal of “Ghost Town” the highly anticipated Max Martin collaboration with the singer from the upcoming album “The Original High”.

What has been hinted at by many as being a pop triumph is now revealed to be the truth!

Ghost Town” is brilliantly tripping off a fusion of styles that act in heading the track into the direction of slapping bass, and dance accented groovy breakdowns. Together with this seasons must-have accompaniment of the whistling interlude, according to both Hilary Duff and Katy Tiz anyways!

If there’s anybody out there who in some way have never heard of Adam Lambert before, come the end of summer this will simply no longer be the case as “Ghost Town” is literally going to be everywhere, starting now peoples, they’ll be no escaping its intoxicating grip, we’re telling ya.

To start off you can get in on it early by placing an order for the album and receiving the track instant grat.