We stumbled upon this catchy piece of electronic pop by Columbian producer Flapo which features rising New York, alt-pop singer Layna.

Truth be told we’re a touch moved by the ethereal voice leaping out amongst these frolicking, bumping beats, so much that the repeat button has seen some tidy action.

What of Flapo though?! Well his Soundcloud is a bounty of indie-pop songs made ready for the dancefloor and a glittery good Sia’s “Elastic Heart” remix, which pour far more fruity flavour appeal to our tastes than the hyped tropical trends. It seems to us that Flapo has evolved from a house background to offer up something far more inviting, at least “Ghost” featuring Layna is a delightful combination of otherworldly meets dancefloor bangerdom.

A by chance stumble onto a track which has charmed its way into our lives today, but oh so feeling pumped with this reeling EDM collated, alt-pop fresh sound. Infact we’re kinda dizzily intoxicated by it!

By the looks of it if we give Flapo a cheeky little Soundcloud follow he’ll give us his pop wares for FREE DOWNLOAD.

Just so you know we’re in we’ve Hit Play. Followed. Supported and downloaded, because we wouldn’t encourage you to do anything we wouldn’t do ourselves.