Hello, EQ’s, Happy New Year to you all.

Well, the seasonal festivities are over for another year and, we are all returning to our daily life routines rejuvenated and sparky. And so, in the same way, a new year in music begins also similarly, with renewed optimism that it will bring us hours of audio enjoyment to get us through the inevitable roller coaster of life over the next twelve months.

As 2018 is here, I thought, a good way to welcome its arrival would be taking a look at what’s coming up during the next few months. The word that stands out a clear mile is our old, quirky friend, Eurovision. As fortune would have it, lyricist Charlie Mason wrote in just before the Christmas break to give me the heads up on an entry he has co-written with Vladimir Graić (composer of Serbia’s 2007 winning entry “Molitva“, sung by Marija Šerifović.) for this year’s Belarusian hopeful, Angelika Pushnova’s entry “Fighting For Love“.

As the title “Fighting For Love” suggests the track features an empowering theme most commonly used for Eurovision entries. However, it pushes the message across that we should fight for what we believe in, for justice and equality universally, doing so with our voices and not our fists or worse. Last year Angelika was a finalist of the Belarus national final for Eurovision with the song “We Should Be Together“, so I think we can take from this that the young lady is a champion of hearts and voices and more importantly would like spread unifying positivity at the biggest of song competitions on this earth.

Celine Dion once took part in Eurovision and won for Switzerland. I can’t help but hear the beginnings of vocal powerhouse similarities emerging in Angelika’s performance of her current entry. I think her Eurovision chances are pretty, good with “Fighting For Love” it definitely, has the burgeoning, international pop diva in the making factor.

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