Now, it’s only been 3 months since Jake Quickenden released his latest EP New Chapter. From that you got a real sense of what he could do with a guitar in hand. Produce with raw emotion. Now, it’s the heat of the summer, these are some of the brightest months of the year. With a season we need a bright, shiny and uplifting song. You might need to turn on a fan because Jake Quickenden has just dropped his hottest hit yet! ­­ Take a listen to ‘Feel My Love’

To those who have boxed Jake Quickenden into one sound, throw all preconceived notions out the window. A complete 180 degree turn from what we had heard from Jake in the past, ‘Feel My Love’ is that song that you’ll never get out of your system. Rich tropical electro beats take you to a level of pure summer bliss. There is something light about the electro tone in the track. It is not as jarring to the system like many other of the electric inspired pop tracks out there. The melody just allows the richness of Jake’s voice to carry straight to your core. Yes, it’s another love song… but trust us, it’s not ordinary!

By avoiding that extremely sappy tone that most pop love songs have, Jake takes out the sentimental emotion and adds in a personal touch.  As you hear “cause it’s you who feels my love,” there is this feeling that takes over the song that is very difficult to describe. It’s a freedom. Like no one else in the world exists but you and the lover.

From the radio, to the club and even in the car… there is no place that ‘Feel My Love’ won’t fit in your playlist.

Forget Justin Timberlake, Jake Quickenden just snatched the crown for Song of the Summer.