It has been a short time now, in which sonically delivered electronic pop duo RIVRS have been coming up through the ranks. As Charlotte and Fin do so, there is a showing of polished accomplishment which exists in their R’n’B woozy, basking beats.

RIVRS signature sound is one which aligns on the sonic radar with a hypnotically engaged presence, yet in their radio silence leading up to the focus title single release of upcoming EP “Falling”, they have further filled out with a poppier aesthetic that completely holds the power to translate into inching their visibility forwards, as emerging artists.

Falling” is a more than lovely, love and lust themed ballad which doesn’t feel that it’s trying too hard to please.

Between the sleek strokes of production and Charlotte’s purringly assertive vocals “Falling” rides out on its melodically strong mapping of hook laden percolating beats which are primed to catch the ear in softly sonic pop, streaming audio delight.