Having been thoroughly impressed and some, by emerging Welsh trio XY&O’s showing of shimmery synth-pop crafting, on debut tracks “Low Tide” and “Lights On”. The guys offer up a little further of which seems to be their signature brand of electro luminescence by way of a third track release “Fahrenheit”.

Intent on continuing to pump the sound of summer pulsing through our veins, the Cardiff based outfit give some measure of their sun-kissed, dream-pop making which matches up to the bar set by their previous two releases.

I do find that with regard to “Fahrenheit” some sort of parallel can be drawn here to Australian duo Gypsy And The Cat, in that the evocative dreamscape created takes in a fair amount of similarity to the Aussie duo’s lucid styling.

With all three of XY&O’s current run of tracks due to make their upcoming debut EP “Shimmer & Shade”, the trio have justifiably got us hooked on these sumptuously sonic giving melodies from the get-go.

Even when the seasons change, summer is never to far from our minds, and thus XY&O’s golden tinged take on synth-pop seems to be the cut of an all year round winning formula for the band, in our eyes.