The duo, Mazzy Star has never landed on my radar before. I have been made aware of the American alternative rock band because of the new Perfume Genius cover of the duos best-known track “Fade Into You.” Mike Hadreas (aka Perfume Genius) has recorded the Mazzy Star track as part of the newly relaunched Amazon “Proud playlist” in celebration of pride month. Naturally, I was keen to check to this playlist out, as it shines a spotlight on the best new music from the LGBTQ+ community. More so, the contribution from Perfume Genius because of, the singers the latest album “Set My Heart On Fire Immediately.” Which I urge you to also check out. I’ve had it on repeated listens since it dropped in May. It is very, good. Rife with poetic lyricism and dynamic artistry. Brilliant in both of its diversity and musicianship.

Explaining his song choice, for the Amazon “Proud” playlist, Perfume Genius says…

“I chose “Fade Into You” because I carried it with me for a long time and I always looked to it for the warmth and the very, heavy vibe that it always brings. It felt almost uncoverable. But I wondered what I could do to make it sharper, and maybe a little more desperate but still maintain the sort of beauty, of it and the quietness of it.”

I was not familiar with the track at all, but what I can say about this new interpretation of the song is, how gently haunting and poignant it feels. Dreamy and confessional. Like a cleansing experience. When I listened to this for the first time, I realised I was, instinctively sitting up extra straight, in my chair. I could literally feel a big weight lift from my shoulders. It was a truly significant and spontaneous response. Soothing and healing. The rendition aligns with the heartfelt delivery, and lyrical bite Perfume Genius releases resonate with. In essence, Perfume Genius style is reflective, pop music for indie-head

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