Life Of Dillon

Quite possibly if you’re British and I so much as flash past you a name drop of UK pop trio Life Of Dillon, you’ll not be so aware of who they are!

Equally if you’re an EQ buddy whose an American reader then you’re response on this might be entirely different. This is because the lads initially scored a deal with Sony in America after their track “Overload” started picking up a shed load of buzz. Indeed the response on it was nothing short of phenomenal and they were instantly sent suitcases packing on tour with Meghan Trainor, as their band profile began to grow ever bigger.

I had the notion a few months back with regard to Life of Dillon, of what goes around, comes around. I quite saw that the band would return to their UK home turf and unleash their brand of vibey sunshine pop in the all too immediate future and this is exactly what the band are doing right of now!

Overload” is now out in the UK and you can learn more about it by visiting here. Also we are very excited to announce that we will be having a live chat with the boys on our Viber channel on 27th November starting at 5:30 pm GMT. So mark the date in your diaries and get to know a lot more about the hot new pop band with us!

For now, might we suggest you get ahead of the pack and take a listen to Life Of Dillon’s immaculately turned out acoustic cover of Years & Years current single “Eyes Shut”, as we think you’ll find it to be wholly awesome and Joe’s vocals are just so liquid golden and pitch perfect.