After spending the past year promoting his fantastic pop album, The Horse, and teaming up with producer Armand Deluxe for a handful of catchy summer tracks, SIRPAUL is going at it solo once again, preparing for a new album release in the coming months.

Following its world premiere on EQ Music’s podcast series the Poptronik HOT FUSS a few weeks ago, the artist’s latest pop creation, “Every Single Moment“, has finally been released to the world and EQ brings you its official first listen review.

Every Single Moment” is strictly a dance/pop song in every definition, but done with an energy only SIRPAUL could bring. Inspired by the joy, pain and complications of love, the artist gives a sincere vocal performance supported by infectious synths and beats that continue moving SIRPAUL toward a dance takeover. “Cuz every single moment without you, feels like an emotional excuse, can’t you feel my heartbeat beating like an earthquake“, he sings to the person he just can’t seem to let go of.

While SIRPAUL is no stranger to the music scene, having released diverse yet intriguing albums since the late 90s, his recent offerings have been meant for the dance floor with crisp, pulsating production and heartfelt songwriting. If the lead single to his upcoming album, Seventh Star, is any indication of the rest of its tracklist, we are all in for a real treat!