Could life get much better than having a new peachy track from Girl Friend awaiting our listening pleasure today?

Being as we have spoken so much about the band already, will needless imply we cannot get enough of the synthy-pop jaunts which Girl Friend are noted for bringing about so readily and with such an appealing hit of dark disco glamour reeling out of them from all angles.

Whilst, we don’t wish to appear greedy, we certainly have built up quite an appetite for Girl Friend’s morsels of playful pop lyricism. So to see the year out with one more after-hours dancefloor gravitated jam is all our Christmases come early.

We are so used to Amory and Eleanor’s mellifluous voices coiled in lamenting observation over what has gone on the night before whilst down at the local discotheque. What’s all this with “Eight In The Morning”, could they be branching out we wonder? We hope Amory and Eleanor would view this as a compliment that they are sounding a smidgen in the same music place on this new one, with similar wry humour to that once given by Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott’s The Beautiful South partnership of old.

We know enough of Girl Friend to conclude that they could turn some of the bleakest and ruminative moments of life learning into a deliciously warmly toasted, electronic pop song, much as they have done here.

Can we just ask that Girl Friend keep them coming out all bespoke and softly electronic pop dreamy like this. Somehow we think they will and more.