There is an obvious Depeche Mode synthy bit in this song called "Whenever" and I'm quite liking it.

Say hello to Australian duo and married couple David and Eden aka Lovers Electric.  Having had some success in Australia, Lovers Electricdecided to pack up and move to London to start a clean slate -promoting their music to us England living folk and I'm so happy they did.  I instantly clicked with "Whenever" and as a FREE download – it's pretty cool.  I really can't wait to hear their proper single now which will be coming out soon I hear called "One In A Million". 

If you're into clothes and fashion and stuff, Eden actually runs her own clothing label too called - and we all love a woman who can multitask now don't we.  Personally I want to "borrow" those shades that Davidis rockin – they make him look wise and scary, like an owl…I digress – listen to and download "Whenever" by Lover's Electric.

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