Taio Cruz

Break Your Heart” and “Dynamite” hitmaker Taio Cruz has placed himself behind the workings of hits for others artists for a while, but now is back to break his own music output silence by werking his new track “Do What You Like” playing out in funky time.

Whilst some artists go from rags to riches, Taio goes from “Rokstarr” to “Roses” as we learn that Mr Cruz is intending to continue through with the release of new tracks this year and rather than presenting it as an album per sé he’s seeing it more as a collection which he’s readily titled “Roses”.

The sound on this new one is something of a throwback and takes in the best of Alexander O’Neal’s silky soul fusions transplanted into a contemporary template sought of DeBarge honed funk pop.

This time out there aren’t any of Taio’s signature whoa oh’s embedded into “Do What You Like” but don’t lose heart that Taio is completely evolved, as the lyric video throws up lots of what we usually find in a Taio video. These being, the girl, the car, the speed boat, the Taio trademark dark glasses, and who knows, as chances stand these ideas might make their way into a shiny proper video sometime.

Oh yeah, if Taio’s inviting us to get up off of our sexy round things and throw us a rhythmic jam like this to groove too, we’ll be dancin’ some to the hotness of these beats.