Tom Aspaul

The fine fettled voice of urban pop crooner Tom Aspaul has often been a source of sheer golden vox delight to behold. The way in which Tom carries his tonality over into a seamless flow of sleak delivery is noted to be nothing short of soulfully gliding with an assured pop presence and lends itself to transend an extensive range of mainstream cross-over opportunities.

Better of this Tom is a source ripe for collaborative efforts and indeed when it comes to putting this motion in practice, he pairs up alongside some really quite respectfully regarded hot emerging prospects within the electronic production arena.

Like newcomer XYconstant for instance, who just so happens to have won over a legion of praise for his well considered strokes of house orientated production.

When met in a fusion of soulful house circumstance Tom and XYconstant (more commonly known as Alfie Coleman) formulate a moderately upbeat, tasty club cut of high-grade uber funky simmering beats, that go in for the killing of pop sensitive infused glamour on their effort together “Do It Well”.

Add into the equation the echoy presence of a xylophone acting in representation of some tropically embellished flavour and the result comes through with a distinct hot house aesthetic of sensory toned summery vibes.

Who said summer was over? Not for this full three minutes of intoxicating tropical ear candy it isn’t, it shines on.