Austin Mahone

Now if you were with me in thinking Austin Mahone was nothing but a teen chopped star, who saddled up alongside Pitbull for some song mentoring along the way and then wondered, oh why did this happen, when the youngster did have something injected with a pop infectious hue already to build on, if a little cheesy?

Then what is about to hit you like it hit me is a much different Austin Mahone to what you’d in all possibility be expecting!

As you see Austin has landed on the trend of it, in amongst the throwback retro grooves of disco funk styling that is also heading up the launching of solo careers for such former young British band stars like Nathan Sykes and Aston Merrygold.

In as much as it is capitalising upon the trend, also credit where credit is due Austin makes it work for him too, he’s just let fly a slinky pop single called “Dirty Work” which is slated to act as a lead-in to his much awaited full length debut album. I can tell you now, there’ll most probably be a pre-order ahead for it coming from me for one if it altogether sounds anything like this to be honest.

Just think back to a year ago when we hadn’t yet imagined Nick Jonas would sneak in and steal our pop affection with such hella hot pop creations. With that I’m not saying that Austin Mahone is a match for like of Nick Jonas, but only quelle this has taken us quite by surprise at how good it actually is, in a similarly Nick Jonas like surprising kinda way.