Christianoshi is a talented London-based, Welsh synth-pop singer-songwriter and producer who first caught my attention back in 2012. His 80s retro electro-styled offerings really blew me away, especially his hit song “Trust” which got everyone talking. The music video for “Trust” was particularly noteworthy, as it was a bold, very gay and uninhibited artistic expression that drew inspiration from Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s iconic “Relax” video. Looking back at it now, it’s clear that he was way ahead of his time in being so direct and unapologetic with his art. Furthermore, he remains a true trailblazer, for sure.

In his new song “Die On My D” Christianoshi cuts to the chase. He dives in on the topic of loneliness and connection within the LGBTQ community. He really goes there when expressing the no-strings-attached policy with emotionless hookups. And even has a few things to say about, being in a friends-with-benefits situation. Add into the mix the mention of dependence on chemical highs, and Christianoshi has strong feelings about this also. To the point where he exclaims dissatisfaction with the lack of chemistry and struggles with falling in love. – “You lack the energy I need to mirror mine. Feels like you die on my D.” he sings.

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It’s impressive how he fearlessly expresses himself and speaks his mind. It’s inspiring to see that even after a decade, he has not lost his drive or authenticity. More music is on its way from Christianoshi, I think an EP. With “Die On My D” as indication an of what to expect from him, it will be interesting to hear what comes next.

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