Giorgio Moroder

I’m not going to lie how minorly annoying it has been to have this disco masterpiece first released to Spotify a few days ago, whilst us mere mortal broader music buying audience have had to wait our turn to hear it out in full properly.

Hmmmmfffpppttt, indeedy!

Oh well the title track of Giorgio’s album is well and truly here with us now and it’s Sia who takes up the reigns with the vocal duties on “Déjà Vu”.

In a year where Sia’s shared some of her most powerful and emotively exploring work coming thorough via the “1000 Forms Of Fear” album, it’s proper bonny to be hearing Sia taking on the role of disco divaness isn’t it!

If ever there was a modern pop chorus to get completely lost in “Déjà Vu” has it all mapped out rather brilliantly and them some.