You can always be sure of making a new pop discovery or two here on EQ Music Blog. Today we’re getting acquainted with the newcomer pop artist and songwriter Chloe Ann who has just unleashed her fantastic debut track “Dare Ya.” She certainly has gone all out to make a splash on the new music scene with the playful release. The calibre of the track is such that I really do not believe Chloe Ann just appeared out of nowhere, surely she might have a past as a backing vocalist or similar? I’m telling you she’s got terrific vocal command and sense of control, you can just tell she’s not arrived straight out of music school and is used to being, under the spotlight or has done a lot of live performance work. (I’m not in the least surprised that the press release informs me, she’s had an extensive musical theatre background).

Dare Ya” is such a bold choice of a track to debut with. The song is big on pop flavour with a strong electronic undercurrent that more than invites you to get involved with it’s irresistible the groove. There is as much sparkle as the twinkle in Chloe Ann’s eyes if you listen to the lyrics of the fun, frothy pop track.

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When sparks fly, electric connections are made. Judging by Chloe’s knowledge on the subject I’d say she’s felt the lovestruck feeling of cupid’s arrow more than a few times herself. I fully expect this powerful groover of a track might just bring together two hearts from opposite sides of the dancefloor. If only it could nab some air time in the clubs. Le sigh. Enjoy “Dare Ya” nonetheless. It is a welcome divergence and brings a contemporary, highly danceable aesthetic. Sometimes we need a break, we need to escape, have fun and let loose. You can definitely get your flirt on, discard your inhibitions to “Dare Ya.”

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