dance all night

Even though the Pussycat Dolls have sadly disbanded, we at EQ just can never get enough of the fierce girl group.

Former member Kaya Jones may have left the successful group prior to their debut album’s release, but it’s safe to say the pop artist is doing just fine on her own with the release of dance smash “Release the Energy” and her latest collaboration with Aqua’s Ferrish Key.

Dance All Night” is a hard-hitting, uptempo dance/pop creation designed to get feet moving along the dance floor. Boy, does it succeed. While Key handles the addictive production, it is Miss Jones who effortlessly brings the song to life with impressive vocals which at times bring to mind legendary dance queen Jennifer Lopez. “I just wanna dance all night, until I, see the light of the dawn,” she sings on the euphoric chorus which calls for a few fist pumps in the air.

The new dance track would sound great blasting out of the nearest club’s speakers or turned up to max volume on your car stereo. Either way, Key and Jones have a real hit on their hands with “Dance All Night“. Nothing wrong with fun, carefree pop tunes, right?