The other day I was thinking about some of the gigs I’ve been to over the years. More importantly, the ones by electronic indie artists. The one which stands out a mile (but who have sadly, now dropped off the radar) was seeing Fenech-Soler at the Waterfront in Norwich. I think the show I was at was the band’s last hurrah. As, last, hurrah’s go, the night in question was bloody, awesome. That being said, (and brought about by reminiscing,) I am in a determined state of mind right now, to bring some new electronic indie artists on to my radar. I didn’t have to go on an internet search to make a new discovery. As pretty much the next instance my inbox went ping, some press had appeared in the mail about Australian’s Lorne Vincent and Boox Kid.

Already, a renowned songwriter. Matt Burke had a hankering to explore different routes of electronica to the indie-pop, pop/rock-orientated styles he covered with band Foreign Architects. Thus, Lorne Vincent was born. The new project dabbles in the softer, atmospheric, electronic realm where the musician draws influence from Flume, Bon Iver and other electro-indie artists. Creating chill vibes and smooth grooves. In other words, the kind of soothing music best played after mid-night / Sunday morning. The latest lo-fi offering “Couldn’t Stay” is with Perth based Boox Kid who assisted with layering up the track with strokes of blissful, dreamy production. While also lending his lush vocal harmonies to the projects emotively strung sophomore effort.

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I don’t listen to a vast amount of chillwave, but when I feel inclined to do so. It has to be suitably calming, mesmerising and enveloping. Lorne Vincent falls into this niche. What the project is creating commands re-listens and contemplation. This project’s quality leftfield electronica is now on my radar. An emerging act which can justifiably be filed alongside the darkly sensual works of Massive Attack and Radiohead as similarly likened to Flume or Friendly Fires.

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Now that’s what I call electronic pop!

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