Tove Lo

I am so glad that Tove Lo is back to pushing out her own songs because I was becoming a bit meh, at the appearance of each and every new collaborative effort which has been wending its way out of the pop machine, of late.

The arrival of the slow burning and melodically brooding “Cool Girl” signifies a new chapter for Tove which will imminently usher in the follow-up long player to the much celebrated debut album “Queen Of The Clouds”.

When you first listen to “Cool Girl”, it may well first make you think, well that was all very pleasant! Then you go in for another listen and it’s very much like your thoughts switch too, at just over 3 minutes long, this track is actually way too short!

The wavering, slinky beats teamed with Tove’s dirty pop-hearted lyricism are as distinctively succinct as ever. And yet, somehow we are left with the feeling that “Cool Girl” although part way inspired by the novel turned big screen movie thriller “Gone Girl”, might have come into being around the time the Swede began partnering with Nick Jonas for their duet “Close”, since it has that same underlying, potently melodic tone acting as it’s glue.

This is what makes Tove Lo so great an artist though. Her tunes have the knack of being able to sneak up upon us all temptress like, to have us thinking, hell yeah girl let’s throw caution to the wind and get it on with your sex beats. Once they’ve nibbled away at our ears for a minute or two we’re like don’t stop, we’re completely on that sky rocket ride to eargasm. Only with us in charge of the play button, it’s completely up to us when we’ve had our fill of aural pleasure. Right now we’re at 8 straight streaming plays and counting, as it happens!