Hear yea! hear yea! are we about to establish a rejuvenation of emerging synth-pop acts coming out of dear old blighty? Of the type that are especially embracing the resonant direction of 80’s.

Possibly there might be still some way to go on this, but I am resolutely gunning for it and have become hopeful in the wake of the growing emergence of recent acts breaking through this year so far, such as April Towers, Sykes and Girl Friend.

Also staking a claim to be accountable in this area of growth, are the Brighton duo of MIAMIGO who have just come out from under the gaze of their debut live performance at The Great Escape and are seeing to it to swiftly gather up momentum hereafter, with the launch of debut EP “Hard To Love”.

Specifically I’ve decided to call out some love on the MIAMIGO track “Come Of Age” as it feels most indicative of the stature that this act could equate to all to soon, if all plays out right that is. Instantly I’m drawn to comparing MIAMIGO to that of my dutiful stan worthy championing of Scottish synth-pop trio Prides over the past few years. Maybe it’s the roaring anthemic power of these synths on this cut that take me to this place of exhilaration, but gosh it is more than overall

Exacting bold, commanding, driving synth lines. I exclaim the only way is up for MIAMIGO in my estimation! And I don’t in anyway consider I am the only one that see’s MIAMIGO’s future this way.

I am firmly locked in on all things MIAMIGO now, if you know what’s good for you, then I would encouragely suggest that you synth-pop lovers out there far and wide do the same.