Photo: Corinne Noodles Photography

The wholesome dreamy synth pop melodies tied in with the honeyed sweet vocals of up-and-coming songstress Evvy grow in expanse with each track release, from the shimmery indie-pop generated “Haze” to the peppy upbeat synth soaked and fluttery tune “Got Me Movin” as highlighted in our new artist category, it has been evident that the NYC emerging artist has an alluringly engaging vocal presence which is expediently flourishing before our very ears.

New track up “Collide” is definitely a step up from the previous two, the synths are bursting with an overload of frothy goodness and are just supremely lushly majestic, also there is a further glow of brightness in Evvy’s vocals which garner up a picture of energy similar to that worked by pop sensation Betty Who.

As the track hits the chorus, it just surges further head-on into a glitter bomb eruption of all manner of ticker tape like celebration. A fine example of independent pop making, from Evvy’s production team of Mickey Valen and Chris Wallitsch and track co-writer Lyon Hart.

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