So delighted to note Welsh synth-pop givers XY&O are continuing to inch forward on the new music scene.

The Cardiff based trio have readily cemented a signature brand for themselves derived of shimmery beats and tropically based vibes that when the band care to hit out with new material it is very much akin in likeness to the sun peeking out upon the new music arena, giving a real sonically gleaming glow of synthy defined dreaminess.

With a clutch of nothing but stellar, golden vibe assisted releases to their name, XY&O are a band ready to move up a gear. What better way to see this through than to give up some new treats in sounds, by announcing the release of three new tracks, one per month through this June, July and August. An announcement that can only be topped in excitement factor by also disclosing news that they are set for playing Glastonbury as part of the BBC Introducing showcase!

The first of the new material arrives in the form of “Chameleon”, brandishing a slightly edgier tone to all of XY&O’s previous tracks. Tackling a lyrical narrative which identifies with the condition of social anxiety, it offers up a slice of relatability that exists more prevalently in the modern age to a far greater extent.

Chameleon” can definitely be looked upon as the band making esteemed headway on account of their lyrical prowess, since it’s quite refreshing to connect with a cheerily melodic song which doesn’t go down the road overseen by the narrative context of ‘love’ but extends association to another human condition. Here again “Chameleon” isn’t your average empowerment anthem chanting out with a social message. It’s everything of the XY&O saunteringly sun soaked sound that has come to light over the past year contained of content with a deeper meaning behind it. Thus, on the surface it sounds as dreamily served as any other XY&O track, connect with the lyrics and it becomes far much more than that!

Some new bands might earn their stripes by pumping out a run, one-by-one of sunnily affective tunes. XY&O are now adding a little staying power into the pop equation which should at least ensure that they are not pigeonholed into a box of tropical beach-pop grooviness first off, but of something far greater in measure in the long run.