Casablanca Nights_Johan Agebjorn

By Mandy Rogers

Cast your mind back to last summer and into one of it’s key moments of euro disco pop brilliance that made it’s way onto my summer playlist “Casablanca Nights” from acclaimed Swedish producer Johan Agebjörn.

Whilst being citied as Johan’s debut solo effort, it came with a strong collaborative cast in Sally Shapiro, Queen Of Hearts, Fred Ventura, Steve Moore, Lake Heartbeat and Le Prix to bring it into life, spawning three singles “Casablanca Nights” featuring Sally Shapiro , “The Last Day Of Summer” featuring Queen Of Hearts and “Watch The World Go By” featuring Le Prix and Lake Heartbeat.

In almost a year turn around on the project, it is now about to receive a breath of new life being flashed upon it. Given it’s Spanish title, the original omitted a Spanish representative, well this is now put to rights by inclusion of notable 80’s Spanish italo disco force Alan Cook, who now on the re-vamp replaces Sally Shapiro on the title track “Casablanca Nights” and further see’s a full 80’s makeover by Johan and Lovelock upping it’s tempo into a hot neon lighted Laura Branigan-esque disco toddy.

Available to download with a package of three 12” remixes from April 26th on Flashback Records

Other single release “Watch The World Go By” is also a recipient of a more ambient work-over primarily seen by Jam El Mar, Young Galaxy, Lindbergh Palace and Nicolas Makelberge who further steers the track into a floaty tropical remix oasis that you can pick up for FREE below.