Swiss Lips

By Mandy Rogers

As we hit the season of reflection and projection for us
music tasting givers, I can tell you that one name that tumbles out of my
pop-championing hat for 2013 is that of my fave Manchester pop sorcerers Swiss

Each delivery of their scintillating shimmery synth pop
parcels to date has been a glory to behold and I eagerly await the New Year
beginning for their debut album to finally unfold.

In the seasons spirit of giving, the indie dance spirited
ones leave us a sugar-dipped taster of Swiss Lips cheeky wizardry to tide us
over until the New Year begins.

In “Carolyn” we have more of the signature upbeat scampish
bubbliness that has been jumping up on our radar over the past year or so, but
more to the point we get to own this one – Huzzah!