There is the mother of all electro funktronica coming out of those hills in L.A. It arrives courtesy of the newly formed band the THRILLERS, and it makes instant headway in being a rich picking of planet sized pop in the emerging artist scheme of things.

The four-piece band of the THRILLERS is headed-up by brothers Jeremy and Gregory “Floyd” Pearson and they have evolved a hybrid sound of soul funk married with a throwback of new wave direction, from taking in childhood influences derived of a gospel / funk background.

In introduction to the THRILLERS upcoming debut EP “Cotton Candy Kisses” the band lead by gifting out a FREE DOWNLOAD of the track “Can’t Get Enough”.

A tempting thought, which is given over in the realness coming through the heady combination of surging funk fuelled energy and synth driven melody which, implants a noted throwback to a presence of 80’s generated rhythm and blues placement.

A shining example from a confident performance matched in equal proportion to the quality of production, “Can’t Get Enough” thrives with a positivity that THRILLERS appear to be heading in a very favourable direction.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Can’t Get Enough”