Nick Pes

A while back now, Australian emerging talent Nick Pes first stirred up our attention via the delivery of his alluringly surfs-up, breezyily evocative electronica which came through on his first promising cut “I Remember”.

As time enough has now since passed, it is more than a delight to note that Nick is back to it in the musicial sense and ready to deploy his debut EP.

In giving out new material Nick returns to the soundscapes divised of articulately gliding, shimmering synth melody and which sparr out a distinctive retro flavour of California attractive charisma. In that this lead track draws upon the facets of chillwave directed ambience to fully support the premise of the lyrics which poigniantly detail the emotional effects which a long distance relationship brings. Be it in the personal sense or in the sense of feeling connected with a place and ideology thereof, which fuels your spirit heart.

Nick Pes has it seems, a particular attraction to “California” and who came blame him when the sunny disposition of the golden state in turn leads him to translate it’s vibrant magnetic splendour into feel good vibes of hazily sonic involved melody.

California” is the satisfying fit of mood music to zone out too whilst you burn the gas, top down on the highway to seeking out your dreams.