It has long been our opinion that emerging trio X&Y are grown up pop’s little secret waiting to happen. From whence the outfit first launched with the sweepingly hazy, harmoniously tempered ballad “This Love” through to equally powerhouse executed, pop rock, of all out pop banger “Rocket Science”.

Being gripped by these tracks in an instant, is no mean feat. The output from these guys is certainly very carefully considered and whoever is behind the wheels in guiding X&Y to greatness are doing a top job of it, I say. I can really say this in all confidence because a brilliant third track has now been unleashed.

By way of sharing new addition “Breathe”, X&Y are formally announcing the imminent arrival of their debut EP “Experiment X” – and we mark its fast approaching arrival with an air punching Y-E-S!

So it is now that we are assured that X&Y are an unstoppable pop force to be reckoned with, as “Breathe” gives nothing but more of the band’s astutely crafted pop at a premium level. Quite possibly if the track “Breathe” as we are hearing it now was put out in the 1980’s it would have seen the likes of Wet Wet Wet and Marti Pellow spilling their soft pop rock manliness all over it.

Infact with “Breathe” in position as the EP’s lead track, alongside both “This Love” and “Rocket Science”, makes for one awesome debut release, which is so clearly, defiantly committing to establishing X&Y. Everything has gone into making this and shows in voluminous clear cut clarity.

Only days to wait on it, and I for one am eagerly counting down. OK I’m fan girling, I am pop lubbed up with X&Y to the point of band crush.