Little Mix

I don’t know about you readers of EQ but I’ve been, missing, missing, missing me some premium girl band pop action, and I have been feeling that the girl band pool really hasn’t offered up very much at all since Neon Jungle stamped their feisty album output out last year.

Arriving a shade earlier than scheduled, team Little Mix has swung into action to officially bring the push on the mixers new material starting with the bands popfectious new single “Black Magic”.

Where are all the girl bands hiding? because seriously it seems like an absolute age since I’ve listened to a group made up of the female species singing in harmony like this!

Anyways, all the more girl power kudos for Little Mix I guess as there will be hardly scope for a chart battle between them and another girl band seeing as they are practically single handidly dominating this part of the artist spectrum right now.

Maybe “Black Magic” might not be as feisty a pop parcel that we’ve had from Little Mix before, it is however, one that is fixed up with an audience participation style chorus and I’m sure more of us than not will find ourselves instinctively singing along to our hearts content before the song comes to an end.