Like all good things that take their time to come about, the electronic pop duo of Born Stranger have seen a few builds in sound during the journey to completing their debut album.

More often than not the duo’s previous efforts have factored in darkened toned electronica, flanked by a frenetic rhythmic pulse whilst, headed-up by David Maddox-Jones pop noir braced vocal chops. It’s a compositional structure that has served them more than well, up to now. Yet, by bringing Sia and Pet Shop Boys producer Yoad Nevo on board, he’s taken Born Stranger’s fundamental creative strengths and brought them up a grade in high visibility definition. We first saw this on indie-electronic hybrid “Fire and the Flame” a short while ago and we return to it on the follow-up effort “Be Someone”.

David Maddox-Jones’s stealth like vocal is implanted betwix a structure of accented piano keys and euphoric sonic waves of electronic sound at the direction of synth-pop partner in music making Raife Hacking. At the heart of it all, life affirming lyricism cements with a keenly assured conviction, telling that opportunities are all around for our taking, if we wake-up to them and believe in ourselves!

As a partnership David and Raife are the epitome of this, they’ve seen the bigger picture that Born Stranger can be in their thoughts and minds and with the assistance of Yoad Nevo it’s coming into view through with just a soupçon of audio-phonic, production based titivation.