It’s exciting to see new artists bringing fresh energy to the music scene. It’s also true that we don’t hear as many novelty summer songs as we used to. The trend seems to have faded away over time. However, I recently discovered an independent singer-songwriter named Novul, who is anything but a novelty act. Although her larger-than-life pop tracks are definitely getting people’s attention, especially her latest release, “Bang Bang.” I’ve noticed that in her vocal delivery, Novul sounds a bit like the old-style Kesha, which is totally cool.

Anyway, I think that as a whole, summer anthems have become way too serious, recently. But I have found a song that offers some light-hearted relief. “Bang Bang” by Novul is the perfect summer anthem. It’s fun and upbeat, and it has a catchy beat that will make you want to dance. Novul says, that she “wanted to think of a word that is not only fun to say but also evokes strong feelings when you say it. “Bang” instantly came to mind” and it fits perfectly with the song.

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Whenever I hear this track, I can’t resist bursting out into song. It’s just so catchy and irresistible! Novul has really outdone themselves with this one – it’s the kind of track that sneaks up on you and takes over your mind without warning. It’s truly infectious!

The effect however is not only reserved for this song “Bang Bang” but for all of her tracks as well. Also, did you know that Novul’s incredible talent caught already the attention of, Pharrell’s company? It’s amazing to think that her song “Chips n’ Dip” was promoted on billboards all over Los Angeles – what an exciting experience that must have been for her!

If “Bang Bang” tells us something about Novul. It is that she never hesitates to express herself and promotes self-assurance through her music and bold personality, which creates a powerful combination.

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